As time permits, I intend to develop this page with rather simple answers to frequently asked questions. I provide a link to an answer (either of my own or on another web site.) Click on the question to go to the answer links which open in new frames for easy return to this page.

Q. How do I find out how old my piano is?
Q. Where do I find the serial number of my piano?

Q. Why does a piano go out of tune?

Q. What is a "Pitch Raise"?

Q. Why doesn't my piano hold tune for very long (significantly less than six months)?


Q. How much should I have to pay for a good used piano?


Q. I'm looking for a used piano to buy and found white marks on the tuning pins. Does this mean anything?

Q. What can we do to make our piano sound louder in our church?


Q. Do you have a piano to rent for events?

Q. Does it hurt our church piano to turn the heat down during the winter and the air conditioning temp up in the summer when the building is not in use?