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How to Schedule an Appointment with us:

To request an appointment for a piano tuning-

'click' on the e-mail link immediately below and send us a request for the time and date you prefer. (It is a good idea to include a 2nd and 3rd option too.)  

Please put "Request for piano service" in the subject line.

Note about e-mail links: The direct e-mail link is designed to open your Outlook Express to create the e-mail. If you are using a mail manager other than Outlook Express, this direct link will not work. Please enter the address in your address book instead. The old contact email for Eliot is no longer monitored! DO NOT USE: !

We will contact you by return e-mail with available appointments closest to your choices. It may take a couple of 'rounds' to find the right match between your schedule and ours.

With our confirmation e-mail, we will request mail address, phone numbers and driving directions if we need them.

Thanks for considering Cumberland Pianoworks for your piano's tuning and service needs.  We look forward to working with you.

                        Wayne Robbins