Wayne Robbins, our principal technician, first worked for Cumberland Pianoworks as a high school student in the early '90's. Wayne was a quick learner and excelled at the detail work repairing and rebuilding piano actions in the shop. Returning to Tennessee from Texas, Wayne began his student role with us in January 2005. For a season Wayne studied with Eliot in the field three days a week, learning tuning, diagnostics and on-site repairs and regulation. He also has quickly recovered his piano action refurbishing skills and is currently taking on all of these shop jobs. Wayne has proven to be a conscientious technician and is devoted to excellence in his work. Wayne is a professional trumpet player. He earned a Bachelors degree from Tennessee Tech in Music Education, and earned both a Masters and a Doctorate in Trumpet Performance from the University of Texas at Austin. Playing the trumpet is Wayne's professional passion but he finds that part time piano work fits well with his performance responsibilities.   Wayne was promoted to 'principal technician' with Cumberland Pianoworks in 2009. Now with over 11 years experience Wayne takes over all the tuning and field service work due to Eliot's retirement in the Fall of 2012 after his 33 years of piano work.




Serving fine pianos and their owners in

Cumberland, Putnam, White

and surrounding counties in Tennessee 

since 1983.

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Eliot and Emily Roberts have serviced fine pianos together in the Upper Cumberlands since 1983.  Eliot began his career in piano technology as a student in Emily's shop in 1979. Emily started working on pianos in Texas in 1969. Associate Wayne Robbins served for two years in the shop in the '90's and returned in 2005 and is now a proven member of this quality team. Together they have amassed a tremendous base of experience of service to pianos and their owners.


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If you leave someone in your home and you are running late for your appointment MAKE SURE that the person left at home is aware of the piano tuning appointment.


More information about Wayne, Eliot and Emily can be found on the 'Our Staff' page.

Information about pricing can be found on the "Tuning Prices" page.

We look forward to providing high quality care to high quality pianos in our extended community for many years to come. We will continue to develop this site in hopes of making this a useful place to find answers to your piano questions as well as a place to keep in touch with us.

note: to schedule a piano tuning or service appointment, use this new email address Cumberland.Pianoworks@gmail.com  

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Service Territory:

Our 'Home Turf' is Cumberland, White and Putnam Counties in east central Tennessee on what is called the Cumberland Plateau.

We also regularly schedule service calls for tuning, regulation, voicing, and other on-site repairs in all the counties adjacent to our 'home turf' as we are able to coordinate with efficient travel.

Although the county lines are not shown on the map below, many of the communities shown are in our service territory including Livingston, Clarkrange, Harriman, Rockwood, Spring City, McMinnville, Cookeville, Monterey, Crossville, Sparta and the many small communities and rural areas in between.