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 WAYNE'S  TUNING PRICES: (effective 3/1/2014)

Piano manufacturers generally agree that pianos should be tuned at  least twice a year under ideal conditions. Ideal conditions means a modern home with central heat and air conditioning that would keep the environment's humidity fairly constant so that the pianos pitch would not drift more than 8 to 12 cents high or low between tunings. The further away from ideal conditions, the more frequently a piano will need to be tuned to keep it within the desired pitch range.

Standard tuning to International Standard Pitch when scheduled at least 7 days in advance in  regular working day appointment time frames (see calendar).

          'Irregular' Tuning:       $  120.00      
                              (not tuned in the last year . . .  includes minor pitch raises up to 20˘ TN SALES TAX INCLUDED)

          'Regular' Tuning:        $  100.00   

                              (tuned in the last year . . .  TN SALES TAX INCLUDED)

          'Frequent' Tuning:      $    90.00   

                              (tuned at least twice a year . . .  TN SALES TAX INCLUDED)

          'Non-profits' Tuning:   $    85.00

           (churches, schools, etc. tuned by us at least once a year . . . SIGNED TAX EXEMPTION CERTIFICATE REQUIRED)


Short notice scheduling or special scheduling in time frames that are not indicated on the calendar will be higher.

When we reserve an appointment time for you, we are not able to generate any other income during that block of time. So, due to increasing “NO SHOWS”, failure to appear for an appointment will be billed at the same rate as if the tuning had been done. We will gladly reschedule when payment has been made.


 Tuning Surcharges:
 Player pianos uprights & studios (over 42”)                    + 20.00
 Player studios and smaller (42” or less)                          + 40.00
 Square  grands                                                                + 50.00

  When a piano has been neglected, tuned incorrectly, or exposed to severe climate conditions, the instrument may be found a significant deviation from standard pitch. In such circumstances, much care and extra work is required to bring the instrument back to standard pitch, minimizing the risk of damage to the soundboard and breakage of strings. While much care is given, there can be no guarantee that such damage will not happen during a pitch raise due to the stresses placed on the instrument because of such neglect or abuse or unfortunate circumstances. Extra charges will be made for pitch changes as follows:


Pitch changes from         21-
45˘        +$ 15.00

                                        45-75˘      +$ 25.00

                                        +75˘           +$ 50.00


(A ˘ is a measurement of pitch deviation. 1˘= 1/100th of a 1/2 step)

tuning at a non-standard pitch          +    15.00


* Tuning prices for Piano dealers will be Minimum Service Charge plus pitch change surcharges and repairs. Payable by dealer check NET 10 or forfeit all discounts. Resale Tax Certificate must be on file or provided with payment.